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Dr. Chris teaches Reiki!Dr. Chris T. Lipat, DC, Reiki Master welcomes you to the unique experience of Niu Health for a New You! at Niu Health Chiropractic in Honolulu, HI. Dr. Chris taps into your own body's wisdom and provides guidance for self-healing towards powerful, sustainable transformation.

Dr. Chris intervenes at all levels - physical, emotional, mental and energetic/spiritual, to address imbalance and restore functionality and health. She gives you clues to help you understand what it will take and who you need to become to let go of your symptoms.

Implementing key personalized lifestyle changes could provide lasting adaptability, vigor and vitality. Niu Health Chiropractic, an integrative wellness practice in Honolulu, HI, offers a multi-faceted nonjudgmental approach for compassionately supporting you in this process of change.

The people that thrive at Niu Health for a New You! are highly motivated patients committed to making the changes necessary to transform your health for years to come. Read The Call to Evolve: Letting Go, Making ShiftsVagal Tone: At the Intersection of Chiropractic, Nutrition and EmotionsThe Total Stress Load Concept: Why Your Body May Not Be Healing Itself and Root Cause Healing to understand Dr. Chris' philosophy and approach in preparation for your visit.

Fill out this online Niu Patient Information Form prior to your visit.

What to Expect at Niu Health for a New You!

1. At your initial visit, Dr. Chris will review your health issues with you and discuss her unique holistic integrative chiropractic approach can help you to achieve your goals. If you decide to go to the next step, Dr. Chris will conduct various neurological, orthopedic and functional exams to establish a health baseline. Using kinesiology, we address the health of your spine and nervous system, but also address the possibility of fascial adhesions, food sensitivities, heavy metal burdens, toxin overload, energetic blocks/imbalances and neuroemotional stressors in a comprehensive initial visit. Dr. Chris sees your health as a multifactorial experience, and intervenes on all these levels to support you in finding balance and wholeness. 

After this assessment, Dr. Chris will treat you to your first Deep System Reset - our signature holistic session exemplifying our unique integrative approach. Spinal alignment is gentle - Dr. Chris uses low force adjusting tools and deep tissue percussive therapy to treat muscle tightness and fascial adhesions, rather manual spinal adjustments. She applies Reiki where needed, clears emotional blockages with neuroemotional homeopathic and EFT/tapping approaches, and balances on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. She supports you in aligning with positive emotions and powerful affirmations. In addition to nutrition and dietary recommendations, you may be given suggestions such as regular sauna, exercise, meditative practices, affirmations, or even crystals, colors, gemstones, sacred geometry or essential oils to support your healing process. Bring your current supplements or a list of them if you would like them to be assessed. You will receive the Niu Patient Workbook, which includes valuable recommendations for lifestyle modifications that you can incorporate into your life right away. The entire visit will take 2 hours (if utilizing insurance, the visit is limited to 75 mins).

Note that although the work we do is very gentle, it is potent. To maximize your body's healing, make sure to rest after your appointment, eat healthy and sleep early. You may feel wonderful and stronger than ever, or you may experience detox symptoms such as wanting to sleep, a passing headache, and/or muscle soreness prior to feeling better. Plan a low key day the following day(s) as your body continues to process all the work we do together at your first visit. Hold off on doing other bodywork for 3 days after to allow the work we do to be fully integrated. You may also want to wait until after your appointment to do major grocery shopping.

2. The first visit sets a foundation for healing. The doctor will then recommend a program of care to help you reach your health goals. Should you opt to choose our Niu Health for a New You! Maximizing Your Potential 6-month Program, you can get deeper into transforming your health for years to come. Follow up visits are 75 mins to 2 hrs. 

These visits are encouraged to solidify the healing momentum and to continue addressing the specific needs of the body at each level of healing. Those who come for regular care experience ever deepening levels of healing in support of their personal and spiritual evolution. The decision for moving forward lies fully in your hands.

To become a new Niu Health for a New You! patient, take these steps in preparation for your first appointment:

1.  Book your appointment online at least 12 hours in advance. Or, email us via this website with your Name, Phone # and email address, or call or text Dr. Chris at (808) 783-1046 to schedule your initial appointment. Same day appointments may be available. Click here for payment policies and fees.

2. Fill out this online Niu Patient Questionnaire (no printing required). Your initials at the end of the Questionnaire serves as your signature for the Informed Consent and Arbitration Agreement and receipt of the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.

3. See this link for parking information and directions.

What to bring to your first appointment (click here to schedule!):

  • Copies of your latest lab and imaging studies, if available. Click this link and print if your doctor requires an “Authorization to Release Medical Records” form. We do not have a fax machine.
  • For your comfort, wear shorts, loose pants, or exercise leggings for the exam - no skirts or dresses. You are lying on the table for a while and may get a little chilly as your body relaxes. A blanket will be provided, but also consider bringing socks to your visits to keep your feet warm. Avoid using any perfumes due to allergies of some of our patients.
  • Your ID and your insurance ID if you are covered by HMSA PPO (excluding ASH/EUTF/Quest) or HMSA HMO (with referral from your primary care physician) or HMAA.  *An additional co-pay will be charged to cover additional time and holistic modalities not covered by insurance.


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