How long will it take to feel better?

Niu Health Chiropractic looks at your health as a whole, asking your body which blockages to address first; and we provide a myriad of techniques to support your healing process. Ultimately, we seek for each patient to have a maximally functioning nervous system, a balanced brain, emotional resilience and optimal organ health. As we work together to listen to your body, most diseases and health conditions improve on their own as your body moves in the direction of cure: toward greater health, vitality and balance.

There are so many factors to healing, such as the patient’s age; but more importantly, the chronicity of the health issues involved, and the patient’s energy and motivation to make lifestyle changes to promote healing.

chakra_image_300x231.jpgPatients who:

  • eat appropriately for their body type,
  • think positively,
  • sleep well
  • and who already have a regular movement practice, such as exercise, yoga or tai chi,

tend to respond quickly to chiropractic care.

Others who are dealing with fatigue and lack of energy and stubborn autoimmune issues may take longer to respond but may benefit from the combined approach which places the health of the nervous system, the master control system of the body, at the center.

Healing is complex and there may be times when the body, upon reaching a certain equilibrium, decides that it has the energy to go deeper in order to make the next leap to lasting change.

Dr. Lipat of Niu Health Chiropractic, an integrative chiropractic wellness practice in Honolulu, HI, will present a plan that will best support your healing process, including suggestions to help you reach your health goals as fast as your body will allow.


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