Bituin Elixirs and Self Healing Workshops

In 2019, Dr. Chris Lipat DC, Reiki Master was in the process of becoming a Certified Cellular Regeneration Technique Practitioner under Dr. Gina Kim of Maui, and was seeking ways to more deeply serve the world during this powerful time of change, to accelerate our healing, and address our urgent yearning to uplevel. In answer to this quest, she came upon Mark D'Aquila of Essence Alchemy, a skilled and magical flower essence maker. Dr. Chris channeled specific blends based on his potent and wide selection and added intentions, sacred geometry and colors to enhance their power. Bituin Elixirs are meant to transform (dissolve, resolve, absolve) our emotional and spiritual blocks into wisdom so that we can redirect this energy into our expansion, to the fullest expression of what we are meant to do in this world.Developing Your Inner Knowing Workshop

Each flower or gem carries its own unique crystalline imprint. When combined, the resulting sacred vibrational geometries heighten inner awareness that supports deep healing resulting in change and growth of consciousness.

Bituin Elixirs support sophisticated shifts in perspective, allowing you to hold more complexity with ease. Do the sacred work of healing core issues and let Bituin Elixirs aid in your path of enlightenment! Use the elixirs to process emotions, release past life and ancestral trauma, and let go of that which constricts.

BITUIN is Tagalog for star, heavenly body.

Bituin Elixirs 

are tools for both professional and personal use: 

  • for mind-body practitioners/coaches who facilitate releasing, clearing, balancing of emotional spiritual and energetic blocks; and,
  • for those engaged in self-reflective practices, including writing, meditation, visioning, reiki and EFT/Tapping for additional support in releasing negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, past life and ancestral trauma, and moving towards new ways of being.

Place 1-2 drops under the tongue of one or two select elixirs up to 10 times a day, especially during times of inner work, emotionally charged moments, or to meet the challenge of expanding into new ways of being. Use 1 drop of all six elixirs under the tongue and/or onto the corresponding chakra as general support at the beginning, middle, and/or end of day. Grape alcohol (brandy) is used as a preservative. If sensitive to alcohol, or to enjoy the topical healing effects of the elixirs, drop the liquid onto pulse points, chakras, your home altar, as an offering to sacred sites, or add 10 drops per ounce of water and spray into your energy field.

Use Bituin Elixirs daily to accelerate your evolution!

Gift yourself and/or your loved ones with a set of 6 Bituin Elixirs and get a special Baguio woven travel pouch free (while supplies last)!

Bituin Elixir Flower Essence/Gem Elixir Blends

Baguio woven pouch included free with Bituin Elixirs set of 6 purchase before 1/8/2020

Each set of 6 Bituin Elixirs includes the following in 0.5 fl oz dropper bottles:

Soul Balm Bituin Elixir Flower Essence Blend

Soul Balm: #1 - Root & Heart Chakras. Emotional integration & spiritual clearing. 

Water, alcohol, essences of field primrose, purple sage, pink yarrow, ti plant, arroyo willow

Elevation Bituin Elixir Gem Blend

Elevation: #2 - Sacral Chakra. Reclaiming joy and divine purpose. 

Water, alcohol, elixirs of azurite, botswana agate, covellite, garnet, phrenite, ruby

Transformation Bituin Elixir Flower Essence Blend

Transformation: #3 - Solar Plexus & Soul Star Chakras. Self-empowerment & releasing that which no longer serves.

Water, alcohol, essences of red columbine, brodiaea, big asphodel, geranium nodosum, yellow archangel, san pedro cactus, lehua

Breakthrough Bituin Elixir Flower Essence Blend


Breakthrough: #4 - Thymus & Throat Chakras. Emerging into expansiveness.

Water, alcohol, essences of penstemon, scarlet gilia, early purple orchid, silverweed

Manifestation Bituin Elixir Flower Essence Gem Elixir Blend

Manifestation: #5 - Well of Dreams & Pineal Chakras. Clarity and action towards your divine purpose.

Water, alcohol, essences of sweet pepperbush, tree tobacco, bottlebrush, elixirs of emerald, diamond

Prosperity Bituin Elixir Flower Essence Gem Elixir Blend

Prosperity: #6 - Pituitary & Crown Chakras. Opening up to your true worth and creative power.

Water, alcohol, gold elixir, essences of almond tree, mango tree

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