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Because of our unique approach, Dr. Chris Lipat's Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice is a referral-based office focused on your true healing needs. If you've benefited from Dr. Lipat's intuitive approach, share this e-newsletter with your friends and family and spread the love!

Becoming a CatalystKaruna Reiki students with Dr. Chris

We could feel blissful, even unstoppable, after a powerful energy work session, or we could feel like we are detoxing and just want to sleep! A physical surfacing of toxins may feel like sinus, skin or intestinal clearing. Emotional/mental toxins may be in the form of negative thoughts and traumatic (childhood, past life, ancestral) memories stored in our bodies as disharmony/incoherence that come to the surface for attention and integration. When we receive high vibrational energy work, our body experiences the contrast necessary for our minds to surface these low vibrational aspects which we can then transform with compassion, love, understanding, and forgiveness. As we increase our mental/energetic coherence, eat healthy and cultivate inner peace and harmony, we embody a more complex, nuanced, wizened, enlightened being standing in our power. 

Energy blocks are low vibrational, less coherent, disharmonious energies/toxins which keep the body in a chronic fight-or-flight adaptive inflammatory response. Chronic health issues that are not resolved through physical/pharmaceutical interventions may have these energy blocks at their root. Over time, these "glitches" continue to accumulate until we suffer and expire from the weight of them, or until we have the inner strength, skill, motivation and support to break through these old fear-based/survival patterns and limiting beliefs! 

Reiki is a wonderful learning framework that helps us to understand and experience healing from a multidimensional lens. A student becomes a channel for high vibrational Reiki energy through the process of an attunement. Each Reiki attunement increases our spiritual light quotient, allowing us to access higher order spiritual guides. With each increasing level of attunement, we are continuing to resolve karmic attachments, increase our intuitive abilities, and expand our consciousness, as we move closer to embodying our higher selves. Regular reiki practice facilitates continued transformation of the lower vibrational energies associated with fear, anger, hatred or jealousy, inspiring us to release attachment to less vibrant, healthful foods, strengthening our resolve to release unhealthy relationships and situations, and guides our way in the ascension process.   

The more Reiki students do to heal themselves, the more deeply and powerfully they can channel energy to facilitate clearing blocks and balancing the energies for loved ones. Students are encouraged to walk their talk, eat well, and to receive Reiki and/or other forms of energetic bodywork regularly to be a practitioner of the highest quality and integrity. We are catalysts – our unique perspective augments a person’s attention/energy to a given area in need of change in the hopes that the combined energies, along with cumulative learnings/perspective shifts will help in the transformation, not only of each other but of the world.

“Authentic healing is almost always accompanied by change and growth of consciousness,” Dr. Larry Malerba, Green Medicine

Change + enLIGHTenment = Transformation 

Work with Dr. Chris Lipat!

I’ve been called to serve more people, not only through one-on-one sessions and the C+E=Transformation 6 month Program, but also through creating and distributing the divinely inspired Bituin flower essence/gem elixir blends, teaching White Light and Karuna Reiki® and offering the new series Developing Your Inner Knowing Workshops. These Workshops offer a glimpse into the powerful root cause healing system that I developed over my 9 years in practice, distilled into an accessible self-healing approach based on Muscle Testing. With all these powerful Tools of Enlightened Living, you can welcome discomfort as an invitation to transform and expand, as an opportunity to do the work that not only heals you but shifts and heals the world around you.

I look forward to seeing you in back in the office, or at a workshop! And mahalo nui for spreading the word about Bituin Elixirs and Dr. Chris Lipat’s unique Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice in Honolulu!

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WHITE LIGHT AND KARUNA REIKI® CLASSES IN HONOLULU Dr. Chris Lipat teaches Reiki in HonoluluTake healing into your own hands! Reiki is an essential modality and philosophy at Dr. Chris Lipat's Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice! 

White Light Reiki Level 1: March 21, 2020, May 30 or Sep 12, 2020. 

White Light Reiki Level 2: March 28, 2020, Jun 6, Oct 3, 2020. 

White Light Reiki Level 3: April 18, 2020, Dec 5, 2020. 

Karuna Reiki® Practitioner Levels 1 & 2: Nov 14-15, 2020 

Karuna Reiki® Master: Oct 10, 2020 or as requested 

White Light Reiki Master: Oct 10, 2020 or as requested 

Follow me on Facebook or check my website regularly for the latest schedule of Reiki classes. Dr. Chris incorporates muscle testing and other energetic healing concepts to power up your self healing and make her classes special! For more information on Reiki classes with Dr. Chris, click here. Book yourself for a relaxing Reiki session.

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Dr. Chris Lipat offers nutritional consultation

Dr. Chris Lipat stocks over 100 different supplements and homeopathics for your unique healing needs! Schedule your in-office or telehealth appointment today to update your nutritional regimen.
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Bituin Elixirs

Transform with divinely inspired blends of flower essences & gem elixirs by Dr. Chris Lipat. 

Bituin Elixirs are tools for both professional and personal use:

  • 1. for mind-body practitioners/coaches who facilitate releasing, clearing, balancing of emotional spiritual and energetic blocks; and,
  • 2. for those engaged in self-reflective practices, including writing, meditation, visioning, reiki and EFT/Tapping for additional support in releasing negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, past life and ancestral trauma, and moving towards new ways of being.

Place 1-2 drops under the tongue of one or two select elixirs up to 10 times a day during times of inner work (or when feeling triggered or at times of expansion), or place 1 drop of all six elixirs under the tongue as general support at the beginning and/or end of day. Grape alcohol (brandy) is used as a preservative. If sensitive to alcohol, or to experience the topical healing effects of the elixir, drop the liquid onto pulse points, chakras, your altar or add to 10 drops per ounce to water and spray into your energy field.

Each set of 6 elixirs includes the following in 0.5 fl oz dropper bottles:

Soul Balm #1, Root & Heart Chakra: Emotional integration & spiritual clearing

Elevation #2, Sacral Chakra: Reclaiming joy & divine purpose 

Transformation #3, Solar Plexus Chakra: Self-empowerment & releasing

Breakthrough #4, Throat Chakra: Emerging into expansiveness

Manifestation #5, Third Eye Chakra: Clarity & action towards divine purpose

Prosperity #6, Crown Chakra: Opening up to your true worth & creative power

Use Bituin Elixirs daily to accelerate your evolution! 

Purchase Bituin Elixirs at Dr. Chris Lipat's Tools for Enlightened Living Shop today!

What's New with Dr. Lipat!

A visit to Dr. Lipat accelerates your healing to support your evolution. Self-healing approaches that you may have discovered over years of trial and error are recommended for you in the first visit. Follow up visits help you delve deeper, reset your mindset, answer questions and enlighten as you begin to implement changes towards expressing more of your higher, more expansive self.

Whereas I began Niu Health Chiropractic as a chiropractor, functional medicine doctor and reiki master, I have begun a deeper melding of all those disciplines with other energetic and muscle testing practices. I am rebranding to better convey what I offer and am trying on: Dr. Chris Lipat DC’s Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice. I’d love to know what you think!

Nowadays, I work to gently align the body on a physical level using tools such as the Activator, Vibracussor deep tissue percussion, Laseronix cold laser low level light therapy, intertwined with higher level Reiki-type energies. I’ve also incorporated Dr. Gina Kim’s comprehensive mind-body-spirit balancing approach called Cellular Regeneration Technique. I use the new, divinely inspired flower essence/gem elixir blends, Bituin Elixirs, to support emotional and spiritual shifts, Crystal Healing Bowls and Healing Sounds’ Lemurian Tuning Forks for energetic balancing, and personalized sacred geometry, gems and chakra colors to augment the healing environment. I have an expanded list of affirmations and an exclusive list of lifestyle shifts accumulated over 8 years in practice. I sometimes channel angel number messages and guidance as inspired. Patients get a list of foods to decrease or avoid, but also a list of foods that are healing, and I continue to stock over 100 high quality supplements and homeopathics to detoxify, nourish, energize and strengthen you at each stage of your healing. 

I channel a significant amount of energy and I strive for complete presence during each visit, which is why I spend more time with each patient and limit my practice to those select few who are ready for this kind of advanced healing work. I look forward to serving you and your loved ones to the best of my ability! Schedule your next appointment here.

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Dr. Lipat posts cutting edge studies on health regularly on Facebook along with the latest schedule of Reiki classes. Like our page so you can keep up with the latest in holistic health news! 

Article highlights include: 

Intuition 101: developing your clairsenses 

Spiritual Nutrition: how the foods you eat affect your mind, body and spirit 

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The Effects of Cannabis on Your Hormones 

Research Proves EFT is an Effective Technique for Depression 

Scientists Show That Water Has Memory 

The 8 Other Chakras You Haven't Heard About 

Karuna Reiki Symbols 

What Are Angel Numbers? 

Is your Egg Allergy a Soy Allergy in Disguise? 

Bergamot Essential Oil Properties and Uses

As with all health promoting approaches, one size does not fit all. Dr. Chris Lipat provides personalized recommendations that help you rebuild your resilience more effectively and efficiently. Rather than resorting to quick fixes or stimulatory medicines to help you feel better, we set a solid foundation for healing to help you FUNCTION better in the long term. 

INCREDIBLE holistic tune up and profound insight into our bodies' own ability to heal itself. Putting tools into practice; feels amazing to confront, feel and actively contribute and commit to my own unique path of health, vitality and wellbeing. - Facebook Review

Accepting HMSA/Blue Cross PPO & HMAA

Although insurance does not cover a number of the modalities I use during a session (like nutrition, energy work, lifestyle counseling and emotional clearing), some plans will cover the adjustment and a few other components. Check with your carrier to see if they cover chiropractic. Note, I am not in-network with American Specialty Health, EUTF or Quest. I will still be charging an additional co-pay to cover the time and modalities that are not covered by insurance, but at least you can get some reimbursement from your provider. I hope this helps you to get a Deep System Reset more often than you would otherwise! 

Mind-Body Energy Medicine is about clearing blocks and identifying habits that no longer serve you. We help you feel what it feels like to flow, to feel soft, open, unstoppable. It is your job to notice, to see when it is you contract, tighten, go back into defense. You leave with many tools and clues to support the shifts your body is asking for you to make. Dr. Chris Lipat DC, Reiki Master

Come check out what's new and experience this unique holistic treatment for yourself. Imagine how a regular regimen could support you in transforming your life for years to come!
E mālama pono!
Dr. Chris Lipat DC
White Light/Karuna Reiki® Master
Certified Cellular Regeneration Technique Practitioner
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

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