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Dr. Chris Lipat DC offers an advanced mind-body energy medicine practice.

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Optimizing Immune Health: Natural Remedies & Lifestyle Tips

Welcome to Dr. Chris Lipat's Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice

Dr. Chris Lipat offers a potent synergistic visit designed to support true healing and emotional/spiritual evolution. 

Dr. Chris Lipat DC created this advanced healing arts practice for those ready to consider that their health challenges are a synchronistic opportunity to embrace change that can lead to inner calm, greater health and well-being. Dr. Lipat is an intuitive practitioner who uses muscle testing/applied kinesiology to honor your body's specific needs while drawing from her expertise as a chiropractor, White Light/Karuna® Reiki Master, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Certified Cellular Regeneration Technique Practitioner. Nutrition consultation is a key component alongside the gentle structural/fascial work, deep energetic clearing and balancing, emotional work and other important lifestyle recommendations conducted during your comprehensive one-on-one sessions with Dr. Lipat.

Authentic healing is almost always accompanied by change and growth of consciousness - Dr. Larry Malerba, Green Medicine

Ready and open to next-level healing and self-healing work?

Dr. Chris teaches Reiki at Niu Health for a New You!

Dr. Lipat supports those open to the ideas that nervous system imbalance, unresolved emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities, immune compromise, spiritual/energetic blocks, and/or the accumulation of toxins, may contribute to the chronic pain, fatigue, weight/digestive problems, and/or other discomfort they experience daily. Rather than coming up with diagnoses and offering the latest fads to make you "feel" better, Dr. Lipat provides a personalized, integrative approach at each visit to help you function better. And when you function better, you can heal.

Imagine a place where you can get the support you need to elevate your vibration as you move towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment! An in-person visit includes:

  • deep energetic clearing and balancing (including ancestral & past life trauma releasing) on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels with Reiki and Cellular Regeneration Technique;

  • releasing of neuroemotional baggage and blocks to accessing positive emotions and life goals through EFT/Tapping, vibrational sound healing, NET homeopathics and custom designed Bituin Elixirs (flower essence blends and gem elixirs) for transformation;

  • gentle low-force spinal alignment and deep tissue percussive therapy to decrease nervous system stress and muscle tension;

  • a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat to decrease pain and inflammation and maximize health;

  • identification of potential toxins to avoid and ideas for addressing electromagnetic sensitivity;

  • recommendations for colors, sacred geometry, gemstones, and essential oils to help balance your system in relationship to your environment;

  • the best whole food pharmaceutical grade nutrition tailored for your needs;

  • sacred angel numbers and channeled messages from Source for direction and guidance;

  • and valuable information for your health and the health of your family.

Abraham Hicks

Dr. Lipat's multi-level interventions are insightful, unique, gentle yet powerful, and are a wonderful adjunct to therapy, life/fitness/nutritional coaching, acupuncture, and functional medicine regimens, augmenting the effectiveness of any self healing approaches and alternative/complementary healing practices. Inspired patients learn Reiki and muscle testing with Dr. Lipat through her series of White Light and Karuna Reiki® classes and Developing Your Inner Knowing muscle testing classes. The ultimate goal is supporting you in your journey of transformation and enlightenment.

If you are new to seeing a mind-body energy medicine doctor and want to find out more, please or text 808-783-1046 to receive personalized answers to your questions from the doctor. We also welcome referrals, so feel free to use the "Send to a Friend" link located at the bottom of every page to share our health information with your friends and loved ones.

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I look forward to being of service to you and your loved ones!

Dr. Chris T. Lipat, DC, CFMP, Reiki MasterYours in health,

Dr. Chris Lipat DC, Mind-Body Energy Medicine, White Light/Karuna Reiki® MasterCertified Cellular Regeneration Technique Practitioner, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner 

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  • Dr.
    Chris Lipat
    Holistic Chiropractor, Reiki Master

    Dr. Chris Lipat DC, Reiki Master, Certified Cellular Regeneration Technique Practitioner and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, based in Honolulu, HI, discovered the value of chiropractic combined with nutrition and energy work during her own healing journey. After 12 years as a dedicated, full-time staff and volunteer board member for various social justice organizations in New York City, she experienced burnout and its consequences. Activist mentors introduced her to the restorative effects of reiki, yoga and acupuncture, and she was quickly hooked on the philosophies of nurturing the inner healer.

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  • "Dr. Christine is a wonderful healer, with a powerful yet gentle touch and a huge heart. Her adjustments are soft and comfortable and simultaneously extremely precise and effective. I cannot recommend Dr. Christine enough."
    A.K - Honolulu, HI


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