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Your Visit Options at Niu Health for a New You! of Niu Health Chiropractic in Honolulu, HI | Your Honolulu Holistic Doctor

Lasting results. Minimal visits.

Foundations of Health Session Breakthrough Session for New Patients – 90 min., $180. Kamaʻaina Promotional Special only $150 (Hawaiʻi ID required). (schedule online)

Chiropractic Exam, including nutritional consultation, muscle testing/organ reflex assessment and lifestyle recommendations, Zyto Advanced Scan. Gentle chiropractic treatment plus deep tissue vibrational therapy, neuroemotional technique and reiki energetic clearing/balancing as indicated. Fill this out prior to your visit: http://bit.ly/1MPoy3W. Risk free money back guarantee.

Niu Health for New You! Program Investment Options

Should you decide to continue care with Dr. Christine Lipat, you will discuss which option may be best for you to meet your current health goals.

These special Program visits feature 90 min healing sessions of focused treatment as well as coaching time with the doctor, covering topics such as in-depth nutritional advice and valuable self-healing approaches. You may also opt to add weekly distance Reiki for an additional fee to augment your Niu Health for a Niu You! Program. Long term investments supercharge your commitment, focus, and your healing.

Self Love 3 Month Program - Jumpstart  

Optimizing Health 6 Month Program - Heal

Deep System Reset 12 Month Program - Transform

Follow up visit options:

Basic Deep System Reset office visit (existing patients only) – 75 min. $150. Bookkeeping discount 6-visit and 10-visit packages available. Sliding scale for those who qualify. *New mom special: free baby adjustment up to 1 year old included

Full service treatment including nutritional consultation, muscle testing and organ reflex assessment. Gentle chiropractic treatment, including deep tissue vibrational therapy, neuroemotional technique and reiki energetic clearing/balancing as indicated. Follow up Zyto Advanced Scan or NerveExpress Heart Rate Variability Assessment as needed.

Housecall Deep System Reset – 75-90 min, $200. 

Price includes travel/set up time & gas. Additional fee for longer distances and for additional time.

Maintenance Visit Phone Consult (existing patients only when in-office visits are not an option) – 60 min. $100.

Receive distance support through neuroemotional technique and reiki. Dr. Chris will also answer any questions and update your nutrition regimen.

White Light Reiki/Access Bars Session (existing patients only) - 60 Min. $95.

Dr. Christine is a White Light and Karuna Reiki Master. The session includes Access Bars, an energy modality that assists the recipient in letting go of conceptual limitations to allow for new possibilities. Energy work is a powerful healing modality, which is why the doctor offers this as a stand alone service. Fill this out prior to your first visit: http://bit.ly/1R9KR8k

Schedule your appointment:

See What to Expect. Book your first appointment here. Bring samples of your current supplements to your initial visit to assess how they may be contributing to your health goals.

All major credit cards are accepted and payment plans can be arranged for those who need care now but would like to spread their payments over time. Call Dr. Chris to inquire about this and sliding scale rates.

Our objective is to give you valuable, life changing information and services that will support your health for years to come. These longer visits allow time for the doctor to implement her unique multifaceted approach that includes gentle instrument adjustments, emotional, energetic and myofascial components, along with chemical (nutritional, toxin and allergen) assessments. Dr. Chris does her best to provide you with value through striving for lasting results in a minimal number of visits.

For personal health insurance, we only accept and are in-network with HMAA and HMSA PPO (no referral needed) or HMSA HMO (with referral from your primary care physician). However you will be charged additional fees for services not covered by HMAA and HMSA such as nutrition, energy work and lifestyle consultation. If you have other health insurance coverage for chiropractic, we would be glad to give you receipts for you to pursue reimbursement directly with your provider. Payment is expected at the time the service is provided.

We no longer accept Auto Insurance MedPay (no ‘third party’ insurance or ‘liens’). We accept cash, check, and credit cards. We also offer affordable payment plans to spread out costs over time for those motivated to get care now. Our goal at Niu Health Chiropractic is to provide you with superior service at a fair price.

As a small office, we choose to focus on the patient 100%, rather than get bogged down in insurance limitations and paperwork. Much of what we do is prevention: addressing subclinical conditions and taking the time to teach you how to take care of your body. Insurance companies only fund procedures of “medical necessity” and tend not to support chiropractic care beyond a certain number of visits. We do not accept insurance assignment. We do not take worker’s compensation insurance for injuries on the job.

Send each receipt in separately along with your insurance company’s claim form. If you do not hear from your insurance company within 3 weeks, call and follow up on the claim.

As a Medicare non-participating provider, we will collect the full amount of your visit at the time of service, Note that most of our procedures are not covered, including the initial exam, physical therapy, “maintenance therapy,” nutritional consultation and supplementation. For Medicare purposes, “Maintenance therapy includes services that seek to prevent disease, promote health and promote and enhance quality of life, or maintain or prevent deterioration of a chronic condition. When further clinical improvement cannot reasonably be expected from continuous ongoing care, and the chiropractic treatment becomes supportive rather than corrective in nature, the treatment is then considered maintenance therapy.” Therefore, unless you are involved in a specific treatment plan for an acute episode or exacerbation of a chronic condition, most treatment at Niu Health Chiropractic is maintenance care.

Lab Test Kits* - for existing patients only

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis of 20 Minerals and Toxic Metals
Adrenal Stress Plus Salivary Panel (includes sIgA & Antigliadin Antibody)
Comprehensive Hormone Salivary Panel
Food Allergy Blood Spot Test (IgG and/or IgA)
Candida Antibodies and Candida Antigen Blood Spot Test
Thyroid Blood Spot Profile
Fatty Acid Blood Spot Test
Vitamin D Blood Spot Test

Although many issues can be uncovered by a comprehensive patient history and exam, many patients find it easier to follow nutritional and lifestyle recommendations when they have an “objective” baseline from which to start, and follow up testing to see their progress. Kinesiology is the main approach used in this office to uncover the body’s reactions to substances in the present time. Non-invasive salivary and finger-prick blood spot lab kits are provided to our patients at doctor’s cost to assist patients with the tools they need to make healthful changes in their lives.

Other products*

Nutri-West, Standard Process, Thorne, Herb Pharm and other quality homeopathics, herb tinctures and nutritional supplements, MSRP

NeuroEmotional Technique homeopathics, $22

Multi-polar Magnet, $21

Hematite and Fluorite Bracelets, $10

Full payment up front is requested for lab test kits and homeopathics/nutritional supplements that must be ordered. Orders will be made within 24 hours. Unopened supplements and homeopathics will be accepted for return and full refund  within 3 weeks of purchase.

Retail Sales

Dr. Christine T. Lipat carefully selects professional grade nutritional products, not sold directly to the public, because of their high quality and efficacy. Most commercial products are of poor quality or of limited potency. No patient is required to purchase products from the office; however if you choose to purchase over the counter products, feel free to bring them in for a comparative evaluation.

Return Policy
Product returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. Unopened products (that have been properly refrigerated) returned within 30 days will be given a full refund. All supplement returns must be unopened and sealed inside the original packaging. Opened supplements may not be returned. No refunds are offered on services rendered.

No Show & Cancellation Policy
Dr. Christine T. Lipat is committed to offering the best service to as many people as possible. Because we dedicate significant one-on-one time with the doctor, we require a minimum 24-hour cancellation notice on all appointments. No-show or cancellations with less than a 24-hour notice will be billed ½ the fee of the appointment unless rescheduled for the same day, depending on availability. If you happen to arrive late, Dr. Christine T. Lipat will treat you for the remainder of your scheduled session at the normal rate and you will not incur a cancellation fee.

Niu Health for a New You! and Niu Health Chiropractic, is an integrative chiropractic wellness practice based in Honolulu, HI.

We look forward to being your whole health chiropractor.