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Introducing our new website! and other updates...

In light of Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean and East Coast, and tsunami warnings and the impending flotation of Fukushima tsunami debris landing on our shores this coming year, I am reminded of how, on this earth, "We are One." I can't help but reflect on how the health of the earth is reflected in our own health as individuals and a community.

At Niu Health Chiropractic, I meet wonderful, talented and highly intelligent people who are fatigued and not able to fully share their gifts, because their reserves have been drained too soon by the constant onslaught of work/emotional/financial stress; GMO-, preservative, pesticide-laden and allergenic foods; toxins and heavy metals; and the unnatural barrage of electromagnetic stressors. Their nervous systems and detoxification mechanisms are overwhelmed, and there isn't enough energy left for creativity, or even joy. Many come to the islands from high-powered urban jobs elsewhere seeking a simpler, slower life, and more beach time, only to find they still cannot let go of the urban hustle that's been instilled in their psyche; and indeed, they find many people here who are hustling just as hard, many of whom are native to this land, to afford living in this urban paradise.

Niu Health Chiropractic is a great place to get in touch with what your body needs to maximize it's own healing process, to relieve the overwhelm and reset your nervous system, and to learn about better ways to nourish yourself and your family. For instance, if you have shoulder pain, we not only treat the shoulder, but we also look at other areas of the body that support the shoulder, as well as possibilities for neuroemotional, chemical/nutritional, energetic and electromagnetic stressors that are contributing to why the body is not healing itself as it should.

It is through our multi-faceted approach that we hope to be part of helping folks reach the fullest and best expressions of themselves. And ultimately it comes down to how we can resist the destructive forces of industrialization and globalization that have shaped our beliefs and have wreaked havoc on our lands, communities, cultures, and our bodies, so that we can live whole and thriving lives, where our connections to the earth and to each other are in better alignment for a sustainable future.

New Website! 

As part of our commitment to serving our island community, we've upgraded our website so that people who are seeking our particular holistic chiropractic approach can find us more readily. And it's working! Your recommendations on Yelp and Google+ continue to fuel this little rocket, so mahalo to you, and please continue to share the word. 

There are great resources on this new website, including free access to exercises for particular areas of concern. See the links on the left. This is for the neck

And look to the right for the cool 3-D spine simulator

Look to the top left for a special 15% off web-exclusive offer! niuhealthchiropractic.com

You will also be receiving an informative article on wellness and chiropractic twice a month. You can change your email settings or opt out at any time using the link at the bottom of your email. Make sure to stay on the list for the Doctor's Announcements, so you can get the latest updates from me, vitality workshop announcements and special offers.

Vitalistic Health Articles and Resource Links

Here are some great resource articles that were posted on Facebook this past month:

Allergies: An Integrative Approach

What is Suppression and Why Does it Cause Chronic Illness?

Fear or Freedom?

And as you focus more on eating fresh, whole foods, don't feel deprived! Check out these great Paleo articles and recipes that I've put up on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/niuhealth/

Also, our wellness partner Gigi Miranda of Whole Plant-Based Cooking is a great resource for cooking guidance, lessons, and classes on healing with whole foods.

Lastly, I can't help but continue to share and feel excited about NeriumAD, a face cream that came out of biomedical research on a special extract of oleander for treating cancer and other immune-related conditions. This is my product website to find out more: niuhealth.nerium.com. And to see pictures of me and my relatives' results, see my NeriumAD story.

Yours in health,

Dr. Christine T. Lipat, DC of Niu Health Chiropractic, Honolulu, HI 

Yours in health,

Dr. Christine T. Lipat, Niu Health Chiropractic, Your Honolulu Chiropractor