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Niu Health Chiropractic wishes you joyful

healthy new beginnings for 2014!

What's new at Niu Health Chiropractic?

When is the last time you had your nervous system checked? It's much easier to develop healing momentum from a neutral state, than to correct the momentum of a downward spiral. Nurture yourself today!

Dr. Christine Lipat has extended her treatment times. 

Longer times with the doctor allow for a deeper healing experience. Click here for our easy online scheduling page.

What is the Zyto Select?

Dr. Lipat has added the Zyto Balance to Niu Health Chiropractic to provide even more value during your holistic chiropractic visit! Zyto Select scans, which take only a few minutes, are a stimulus-response exchange between the computer and your body. The response generated by your body's energetic system provides additional insight into your biological preference for specific nutrition and therapies. There is also a valuable virtual stimulus Food Scan which gives additional information to help you in your healing journey. Scans are free with your visit until further notice.

Do you sell gift certificates?

You can buy an online GiftRocket gift card at niuhealthchiropractic.com (click on the logo on the right hand column of the website) or click here for a direct link to GiftRocket.

Therapeutic positioning cushion

The bodyCushion is a new positioning tool offered at Niu Health Chiropractic that allows more flexibility for patients who have trouble laying on their stomach, including pregnant moms and those with acute low back pain.

I love all the tools and techniques you offer, but what is NeuroEmotional Technique again?

Many patients, including myself, continue to be amazed at the power of NET. NET, as part of a whole body treatment, not only provides physical relief, but with regular sessions, results in patients feeling less triggered by particular events, less stressed, more at ease, etc. An interview by the founder of the technique can be found here.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours in health,

Dr. Christine T. Lipat, DC