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The NerveExpress

Autonomic Nervous System Assessment based on Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the best indicator of functional integrity of all physiological processes in the body. It’s also the best indicator of one’s general well being.

The intervals between successive heart beats varies substantially from beat to beat. And what has been determined, with over three decades of research, is that the more variability there is, the more fit and healthy the person. Two people with a heart rate of 80 beats per minute could differ enormously in their state of health depending upon their personal heart rate variability.

Additionally, the degree of variability that exists was also found to be reflective of one's autonomic balance and degree of homeostasis. The autonomic nervous system controls over 90% of the body's actions, interfacing with all other systems of the body, and its assessment mirrors the body's regulatory efforts. The behavior of its sympathetic (SNS) and parasympathetic (PSNS) branches literally reflects how well we respond, recover, and adapt on a daily basis or, in essence, how well we move through life.

The main components that determine a Functional State are: heredity, degree of physical fitness, current psychological and emotional state, and other destabilizing factors at the time of the test (including illness, emotional and physical stress, alcoholic and other kinds of intoxication).

If one’s result is low, it does not mean that the person is ill, but only that their general state of health is at its lowest level. If measurements are immediately after physical or mental stress, the physiological condition and adaptation reserve will undoubtedly be lower. The main value of using the Health-Express is not in one-time assessment, but in being able to determine and consistently monitor the changes in one’s well being over time.

People are either health or sick to varying degrees. Health and illness exist on a continuum and HRV is a proven, acceptable and reliable means of measuring where one falls on that continuum. In effect, one’s overall level of functioning, degree of adaptability, level of resilience and the amount of progress they are making with healing therapies can be quantified through this methodology.

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